Inception 67 - the Music of Randy Bishop and Steve Burdette

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It's not Love

A not so serious song about love, lust and indecision

Live It Up

Enjoy life...Live it UP

Dumb Luck

It was Dumb Luck that I on your heart

Rock Down the Line

Be a hit in Nashville

Hi Ho Santa

Get in the Christmas spirit with this fun song about waiting for Santa. FREE DOWNLOAD

Let's Hit the Street

If you can't wait till Friday to get out and party with your friends, this is for you.

Speed Up

Get out of the slow lane and Speed Up. It will rev your engine.


Song about Life and living it to the fullest! Don't let it pass you by.

Bourbon Street

Fun song about dumping your troubles on Bourbon Street

Love Somebody

Just needing somebody to love

Get Over It

Cover version of the great Eagles Hit

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