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The Inception 67 website was created to showcase music written and performed by Randy Bishop and Steve Burdette.

Randy Bishop Steve Burdette

Randy and Steve started making music in the 60's, starting as most young musicians do...playing in garages and basements in their hometown of Huntington W.Va. Randy dazzled fans with his masterful guitar work in such notable bands as United Sound and the Fifth Row while Steve electrified audiences on keyboards in the Mixed Emotions and a popular Marshall University fraternity band whose name shouldn't be mentioned on a wholesome, family website.

Ironically, Steve and Randy never played together in the same band but did have one public performance together in 1970 at a nightclub in Huntington. They were asked to sit in with the band on stage and proceeded to rock the house. A tape of that live performance actually exits and may find its way onto this site in the near future.

Inception 67's original music is recorded in two separate studios in Atlanta Ga. and Daytona Beach, Fl. then professionally mixed and mastered. The two songwriters have recorded one cover song, "Get Over It" by The Eagles. However, their primary goal is to produce original music in the blues/rock genre.  Click here  to listen to or buy the most recent recordings.

The finished recordings are a collaborative effort that combines the songwriting and musical skills of both Randy and Steve. Although the distance between the two studios can add to the time frame necessary to create a new song, we think you'll agree the end product is worth the wait.  So, turn up the volume and enjoy the music of Inception 67!


Randy Bishop: Guitars, Vocals , Bass, Keyboards

Steve Burdette: Hammond Organ, Keyboards, Bass

Lucas R. Fatfoot: Drums

Several guest musicians (banjo, fiddle, pedal steel) and vocalists (Kevin, Perry, Russ, Sam), and occasionally the Bright A$$ Horns

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