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I Don't Care

Boy wants girl who is way out of his league

Country Town

New song about life in a small "Country Town"

This is Love

If you've found that special someone, this song is for you.


You just know she's the one but she seems so far out of reach...maybe that's a good thing.

You're the One

Fun song about that special someone.

My Tree House

My tree house my dad built was a magical place.

Bad Decisions

This guy is getting pretty good at makin' Bad Decisions

Rotary Park

Remembering those teen age years

North Pole Express

New Christmas Rock and Roll music from Steve and Randy


A Hot Rod - Rock and Roll Instrumental

Girls Night Out

Fun party song about the girls going out on the town. Racquel Robert on vocal.


This is a fun, party song about a guy's lifelong relationship with the Margarita.

What Happened to Yesterday

We all look back on our lives and wonder where the time went and maybe...Can I have a "do over" on some things?

Thief in the Night

Story of love lust betrayal and revenge

Not in this Lifetime

Not gonna take it anymore, you're outta here!

Christmas in the USA

Chrismas is coming to your town

That Summer

Remember that special summer

Brand New

Rekindling the romance

Some Kinda Blues

Smokin' Hot Blues Rock

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